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Get the beat you hear now and the other two beats on this page all free when you register and buy one beat for $20! Four Beats for the price of 1! All tracks are for non-exclusive lease only. You may sell up to 3,000 copies of your work using the tracks from Taylor Made Productionz. You cannot resell the tracks without vocals on it.

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The Importance of Beat Selection

Hello and Welcome to Taylor Made Productionz.

If you are here you obviously have an interest in obtaining beats for your project. Beat selection is a very important part of establishing yourself as a legitimate artist. Many artists select a beat because of its "all too familiar" sound. Many rappers take this approach because these tracks have an "acceptable" sound. But in the rap industry being normal and having a sound like everyone else, although acceptable, could be hindering your career.

The longer you flow over generic beats the more you hurt your chances of establishing yourself as a legitimate artist. People will lose confidence in you because your production does not excite them. The whole point is to get your lyrics heard and the best way to do this is with an unconventional sound.

Think about this scenario: You run with a crew of guys and you'll are heavy on the club scene. You want to stand out a little more when you go out with them. Everybody in your crew wears fitted hats, which is acceptable. However if you wear a fitted, then this does not achieve your intended goal of standing out. But let's say you decide to start wearing a kangol. You are still wearing a hat like them but you have set yourself apart.

This is just like the rap game because if you get the same style of beats as everyone else then there is no distinction. But if you get one that is Taylor Made, you are still in the game but have carved your own niche.

Get Beat 2 and 3 free simply by registering

Get Beat 1,2 and 3 for free when you register now and purchase one beat for just 20 dollars

Why You Need a Unique Taylor Made Production

Did you know that polls have shown that as much as 77% of music listeners will only listen to a new track for an average of 13 seconds if the beat does not have a unique sound?

The reason for this is because peoples' ears have been trained to associate similar lyrical composition with a typical beat. Typical does not mean that it does not sound good; rather that it just does not excite the ear.

So what does this mean for you? This means that 3 out of 4 people will never hear your full first verse (maybe none of it) with the generic beats. Once again don't confuse generic with bad and say well my beat is tight so I'm ok. It may be tight but somebody has heard that type of track 1000 times and heard the same delivery and lyrics with it. Therefore they subconsciously expect the same from you.

The best way to avoid this is to register with Taylor Made Productionz where creative, new, unique tracks are the focus.

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Taylor Made Productionz vs the rest

If you want to take your rap career to the next level you have to have beats that give you an expressive, distinct sound. Many of the best rapper of this era including T.I., Juvenile, and Eminem struggled earlier in their career until they got the right style of production that gave them their identifying sound that accompanied and showcased their lyrical talent.

Well at Taylor Made Productionz this is just what we offer. When you think of something being "tailor made", you think of something that is different and one of a kind. Now ask yourself this question: "Does the track that I've been hearing on this page sound like the typical beat for sale on the internet?" I'm sure you would agree that it doesn't. Tracks like this give you your creative edge you need to develop your own lane in a very saturated market.

We are not producers who try to emulate whatever sound is hot right now just to capitalize on the brand. This is in turn cheating you because they are not trying to think of progressive melodies or arrangements to try to actually develop a sound, which is the job of the producer; they are just making a beat. We are dedicated to providing you that edgy, musical production to help advance your career.

We also are not simply beat makers that try to pump out 10 beats a day using the same 4 bar loop with a few percussion changes. We are producers with musical ears that feel that music has to have personality and no boundaries as long as everything flows.

Get Beat 1, 2 and 3 for free when you register now and purchase just one beat for 20 dollars!

Get Beat 2 and 3 for free simply by registering

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Registration is free and what's best is that you get Beat 2 and Beat 3 absolutely free simply by registering. Also you get Beat 1 free when you purchase one beat. So when you purchase one beat you get all three of the beats on this page for free. That's four beats for the price of one. You can't beat that deal!

Better yet all beats in the store are 20 dollars for non exclusive purchase. So you get access to unique tracks that are only 20 dollars while others charge you the same price for tracks that are typical.

Also when you register, you will be notified of new tracks before all others so you have first dibs on them. Additionally you will be sent emails (we will not flood your mail box with emails) when there are specials. So if you want access to tracks with melody and arrangements with the rapper/singer in mind then
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