Taylor Made ProductionZ is a production collective from Montgomery, Alabama.  We have a background in music composition having attended a performance arts middle school and studying classical guitar.  This appreciation for music continued  through the years and we decided to try our hand in production and purchased our first piece of equipment, a Emu MP 7, in 2002.  We continued to study what it took to be an effective producer by listening to the likes of Mannie Fresh, Dj Toomp and Timbaland.  In 2005 we took a step up in the production game and purchased a Roland Fantom X6 and Pro Tools with the M Box 2, and really began crafting our sound.  We began producing for local rap and r and b artists. We are not fly by night producers, but producers who have studied the greats and understand the attention to detail and the creative mindset necessary  to deliver an interesting and complimentary sound.  In 2011, we took the production to the digital world and began using the Reason software.  We continue to use this and have found our comfort and sound through a series of racks and sample libraries that we have collected over this period.  This took time, effort,  trial and error and critical analysis of our productions.  Now we have developed a sound that we are proud of and believe is unique.  We began in the Hip Hop world but have expanded into R and B.  However we have listened to many styles and have  the ears to create in many genres. We don't pride ourselves on producing multiple generic beats.  We don't have a quota to meet and therefore focus on creating a sound with each track that emphasizes creativity and musicianship.  In developing our sound through the years, we decided not to focus on simply making a track to mimic the sound of the time period, but to craft arrangements and melodies that offer a distinct  sound to assist an artist. From Story telling hip hop beats, to samples; from sultry R and B tracks to energetic pop tracks, we have what it takes to deliver. So check out our beats and take your artistry to the next level!